File Type Scale/Coverage Sample Used For Description Price
PDF 1:200 Block Plan Usually only required for applications concerning kerb line access points (e.g. to lower kerb for a driveway entrance) £10
1:500 Typically called a ‘Block Plan’ , this may accompany another scale and is requested to provide residential properties at a reasonable scale - especially if other details are to be highlighted £12
1:1000 Location Plan Accepted by some councils as a Location Plan for city areas £15
1:1250 Mini 1250 scale is often called a ‘Location Plan’ this mini version is designed to save you money in dense urban areas where you should be able to get your property and the required named roads shown on the map £20
1:1250 1250 scale is often called a ‘Location Plan’ this version includes your property and surrounding access - ideally 2 named roads. More coverage than the mini version, but probably worth the extra coverage to avoid complications £25
1:2500 2500 Scale is great as a ‘Location Plan’ for rural locations or larger sites £40
DXF 100x100 CAD The smallest amount of area you can purchase. This would be great for inner city sites, where properties are close together, and you have a higher chance of getting 2 named road on the plan. £13
150x150 Great for larger properties or small industiral sites.sometimes the 100x100 metres doesn’t quite cover enough area. This is great for including that final bit of garden or to just cover enough extra properties. £20
200x200 95% of the time, this will definitely cover enough area. the same coverage as our 1:1250 PDF’s, this is ideal for rural properties or larger industrial sites. £30
400x400 Large coverage area, normally used for rural areas. Be aware, this size area can be very expensive for urban areas. From £40

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